educational materials

educating the world in indigenous knowledge
Content for schools, teachers, parents, educators of all levels

A wide range of education and outreach materials will be created through this project including film screenings, creation of a comprehensive website which also offers free-to-download teaching materials, and presentation of scientific research at educational institutions. In cooperation with educators, we will create a suite of teaching materials for educators via free download on the website. The website is a purpose built site for public forum to store and display the imagery, film, and immersive experiences, along with the educational material, including worksheets with information about the culture, language and words presented in the film, pieces of artwork created in the source community, learning and quiz sheets for use with the film, and more. These materials will be professionally translated and offered in English, Spanish, French, Greek, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, and Italian.

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We acknowledge & pay respects to past, present, & future
generations of all Native Nations & Indigenous Peoples,
to all traditional Custodians of Country on whose ancestral lands we live, learn, explore & play.
We recognise the sovereignty of First Nations peoples,
we celebrate their enduring connections to Country,
& give thanks to Elders & Ancestors caring for Country since time immemorial.