We have a few ideas of what we want to give, but we ask the question: How can we help YOU?

For the generosity, what community shares with us, what the people are being a part of, we wish to thank them – in ways other than just words.
There are ways in which we know we would like to do this; from returning to community to show the finished film, to share what people from all over the world think about their Word, their language, their beliefs and life, and how that has inspired so many people from diverse cultures, as well as to provide funding for your community through our co-creators nonprofit project, Ngarra.

There are many ideas we are exploring, and we would like to speak with each of the community and community elders about these ideas in detail, but never losing sight of what’s important –

How can we help you?

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We acknowledge & pay respects to past, present, & future
generations of all Native Nations & Indigenous Peoples,
to all traditional Custodians of Country on whose ancestral lands we live, learn, explore & play.
We recognise the sovereignty of First Nations peoples,
we celebrate their enduring connections to Country,
& give thanks to Elders & Ancestors caring for Country since time immemorial.