Join four generations of families from indigenous tribes across the globe to explore deep into their traditional connection with Nature and retrieve forward the words that just might help save the world.
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The literal translation SAN  (return), KO  (go), FA (look, seek and take) Sankofa is linked to the Akan Proverb  SE WO WERE FI NA WOSANKOFA A YENKYI Which translate as it is not wrong to go back for which you have forgotten Also,  It is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.

Words matter. Words have power. Words have spirit. Words can hurt, heal, destroy, and inspire.

In the Akan Twi Language of Ghana exists a word – SANKOFA – to retrieve forward traditional ways and knowledge from the past to build a better future. 

Indigenous languages come from the spirit of the land, reflections of the bioregions their people call home. Indigenous languages have grown and evolved over deep time, generations upon generations of lives lived in alignment with Nature. They have learned from Nature, because Nature is sentient. Nature is inseparable from us. Nature is… our family.

Indigenous cultures all over the world view Nature in this way. Everything connected. Everything in relation.

It is the indigenous peoples from some of the remote corners of the globe who want to tell this story, who invite the world to experience another way of being, a way of equality, of acceptance, of deep connection to all beings of this world, a way of living in unity with Nature. 

In a cultures and languages where Nature is a member of the family, we work with the the people to tell their stories the way they want to tell it, to bring these concepts to life on screen, through stories and traditions, through their eyes, and their words.

The words we use matter. When we change the way we speak, we change the way we act. 

This is the heart of Sankofa – bringing the wisdom of the words that connect indigenous cultures with Nature to life through impactful, human stories. 

Sankofa explores new way to speak, a new way to be, a new way to connect with who we once were, and to retrieve forward the wisdom we have lost.

the series
season one • season two • finding the words

Discover the Sankofa Film Works and the inspiration behind the series, how we started, and how we are finding the words that is at the heart of the Sankofa series.
Explore the communities that we are in communication with, that want to share their stories spread over 2 seasons of adventure, knowledge, and changing the way the we interact with our world.

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The Sanfoka Film Works combines entertainment and stunning visuals with providing the environment for extensive academic study in ecolinguists, indigenous teaching practices, ways of knowing, and frameworks for interacting with the world. We explore these not only through traditional academic rigor, but also emerging and new technologies, like ethnographic VR immersive experience and documentation processes, and long form yarns shared in an unedited podcast series to explore the foundations of all the things the Sankofa team are studying.

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Content for schools, teachers, parents, educators of all levels
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Learn about every part of the production of the Sankofa Film projects, starting from the team, how we work, what we intend to create, how we create it, and also how everything we do falls in alignment with indigenous protocols, laying not in an extractive relation, but also what we can give back to them, for everything they share with us,

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Get to know us, our partners, our collaborators, and the people that both directly, and indirectly help bring the Sankofa project to life.

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We acknowledge & pay respects to past, present, & future
generations of all Native Nations & Indigenous Peoples,
to all traditional Custodians of Country on whose ancestral lands we live, learn, explore & play.
We recognise the sovereignty of First Nations peoples,
we celebrate their enduring connections to Country,
& give thanks to Elders & Ancestors caring for Country since time immemorial.